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But this is director Joe Wright, and he has scattered some of his A-list film glitter (that and a large helping of The Chemical Brothers, with whom Wright has worked before.

Wright has turned the Main House of London’s Young Vic into a giant planetarium with a circular chill-out zone in the centre, girdled by a wooden gangway of a stage and flanked by the audience on all sides.

Initially, when permanent environmental changes occur in a population, individuals bearing the previous average status quo genome experience evolutionary discordance (2, 3).

In the affected genotype, this evolutionary discordance manifests itself phenotypically as disease, increased morbidity and mortality, and reduced reproductive success (1-3).

On the other hand, there may be gains as well as such losses: equal rights for chimpanzees and gorillas; the immortality of the mind through electronic media; the aestheticisation of agriculture and the resurrection of the GLC.

Millennial angst is not enough to explain the current boom in such quasi- prophetic pronouncements: it is as much to do with the triumph of Mickey Mouse over Marx.

What gives them prophetic status is the fact that all of them have authority of some sort, whether it comes from the respect of their peers, the adulation of their followers or the intensity with which their advice is sought by colleagues, politicians, opinion-formers or the public.

Readers will almost certainly find particular faults - of omission or inclusion - in the selection, but its general range is probably right.

When environmental conditions permanently change, evolutionary discordance arises between a species’ genome and its environment, and stabilizing selection is replaced by directional selection, moving the average population genome to a new set point (1, 2).This is how prophets should be: cranky but persuasive, on the borders of acceptability.They can't all be right; it's doubtful whether all of them are wrong.The opposing view, known variously as the Indigenous Aryans theory (IAT) and the Out of India theory (OIT), rejects the AIT/IAMT (henceforth AIT).It posits that the Indo-Aryan people and their languages originated in the Indian subcontinent and that the Indus valley civilization (Sindhu-Sarasvati civilization) was the Vedic civilization, not a Dravidian civilization as claimed in the AIT.

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