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I just found one called MN (mister number) for my i Phone and it blocks this number. Called and pretend to be a Purolator guy, the guy had a lot of difficulty speaking in english. I had nothing to do with Purolator since last year. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH THIS MENTALLY DISTURBED PERSON? These criminals exist due to the support of our corrupt politicians and money hungry phone companies, both of which receive significant profits from the abuse by these criminal enterprises.

There are so many apps you can use to block these calls. Every time I answer all I hear is breathing and they never say anything. I called them & I got a " this number has been disconnected" message. HE CALLS EVERY DAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND JUST HANGS UP. Nothing will ever be done in California to stop these criminal gangs from calling us.

LAN TUDYK (K-2SO) has appeared on several television shows and over 20 feature films. Tudyk was recently seen in the Jay Roach feature, “Trumbo,” opposite Bryan Cranston, Dianne Lane, Helen Mirren, John Goodman, Louie C.

K., Michael Stuhlbarg and Stephen Root, and “Welcome to Me” with Kristin Wiig.

Tudyk’s role in the Disney’s animated feature, “Wreck-it Ralph,” garnered him an Annie Award for his role of King Candy.

He returned to the recording booth to voice, The Duke of Weselton in Disney’s Academy Award-winning “Frozen.” He continues his work with Disney Animation Studios, voicing Alister Krei in “Big Hero 6” and Duke Weaselton in “Zootopia.” Tudyk has also done voice work for a many other features, television shows and video games.

Well, then it can't be all that important if they don't leave a message. i go this number 3 stating it expired and after would be taken into cust0dy by police and there was 4 serious allegations pressed on my name and wanting me to call them i did call someone answered saying this was IRS so i hung up but i thought the IRS dont call but send mail or come knocking on your door She says she guarantees her work she says it's a 99.9% success rate or money back guarantee well she was unsuccessful with me and she hasn't returned my money whatever you do don't give her any money she's a conn PLEASE HELP STOP THIS AHOLE! This criminal organization is fully supported by our greedy politicians, who share in the profits of crime.

Either that or he is just a destructive person who likes to destroy things for fun. LOL I placed an ad for a woman and this man contacted me saying he wanted to meet.WHY DO THEY CALL HUNDREDS OF TIMES JUST TO HARASS ME? It would be ever so simple for the phone company to identify all unused phone numbers by marking them as "invalid number" as part of the "caller i.d." program and/or the phone companies setting up their own reporting email systems (just like this one).So the newest posts on the site will always start at the fourth post down, past the first three sticky posts. To access the latest posts on the site, please scroll pasts the three sticky posts.Despite or possibly because of the smashing success of the private Delphi forum, we have had to make some major changes in the forum.

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