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"People would tell me ‘You’re a smart girl, why don’t you just go to college? This is what I’ve been doing since I was a little girl — I can’t just give up because of these jerks.I wouldn’t have fought this hard if I didn’t love this shit.”It was the end of a difficult decade for Jo Jo, now 25, whose career struggles were also complicated by a tense relationship with her momager, Diana.Right now he has a few scheduled shows coming up, including one at the Tin Roof on Aug. Here, Taylor talks rapping on "The Bachelorette," his new album, his first date after Jo Jo and what he thinks of the other James Taylor.A: When I got back from the show, my friend had sold the company that I worked for.Let me just say, she is even more beautiful in person! Fellow marine Alex Woytkiw explained to Fletcher that all the contestants feared Johnson was violent.A great girl like her deserves so much better than someone who lies, cheats, and ends a four year long relationship in order to pursue fame on a tv show. He threatened to knock out Woytkiw’s teeth, said he would find Jordan Rodgers after filming wrapped to beat him up and ripped Evan Bass’ shirt.

But while eating spicy Ethiopian doro wat with our hands at a dimly lit restaurant in New York's Hell's Kitchen last month, we laughed at the fact that — back in 2004 — neither of us had any idea that one day we'd both be able to say we had actually "kicked a motherfucker out of the house." Yes, during a September interview over lunch ahead of her new album , out October 14, Jo Jo and I got to talking about fuckboys. Since the release of her chart-topping sophomore studio album 10 years ago, the singer has released a handful of popular EPs, mixtapes, and singles, including 2011's "Disaster" and a cover of Drake's "Marvin's Room" that quickly went viral.

I was still able to have a job with the company he sold it to.

But I found out (with) the rest of America, when they released our bios on abc.com, that I was apparently a singer-songwriter. But I was like I’m not working for the company I want to work for anymore. So I just took a leap of faith and said I’m quitting and I’m doing what I love.

The post comes shortly after a Bachelorette preview in which Fletcher questions Hayes about rumors she’s heard from other men in the house that he broke up with his girlfriend to come on the ABC dating show.

Even after Johnson has left the show, he still continues to terrorize the other men — this time by flaunting his new romance.

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