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When coffee beans are heated up, they release acidic oils.

According to testing using the Toddy system, the acid levels in cold-brew coffee are about a third of the levels in hot coffee.

His primary research interests are health services research and clinical trials in bladder cancer. She specializes in genitourinary malignancies, primarily bladder, testicular and prostate cancer. Drakaki's research focuses on identifying the therapeutic potential of novel genes named micro-RNAs that are involved in bladder carcinogenesis. He subsequently completed his Urology Residency at LAC USC Medical Center and fellowship training in Endourology and Laparoscopic Surgery at Washington University/Barnes Jewish Hospital.

His clinical interests include all areas of urologic oncology, with a particular emphasis on bladder cancer and robotic surgery. Chin, MD, Ph D Specialty: Bladder Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Prostate Cancer, Urologic Oncology Practice Location: Urology, Westwood Adult Assistant Professor of Urology. He has an expertise in minimally invasive surgery, specifically endoscopic management of all types of urinary diversions and complex kidney stones as well as laser management of BPH. Ehrlich, MD Specialty: General Adult Urology Practice Location: Urology, Westwood Adult Professor Emeritus of Urology. Ehrlich completed his medical degree from Cornell University.

More Karim Chamie, MD, MSHS Specialty: Bladder Cancer, Clinical Trials, Kidney Cancer, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Prostate Cancer, Urologic Oncology Practice Location: Urology, Westwood Adult Assistant Professor-in-Residence of Urology. He performs open, laparoscopic, and robotic-assisted surgeries for bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer patients. Chin's laboratory in the Broad Stem Cell Research Institute studies the tumor microenvironment in prostate and bladder cancer in efforts to develop novel immune and stem cell-based therapies against cancer.

He attended Medical School at USC and completed Urological training at UC Davis. Chamie then completed a SUO certified fellowship in Urologic Oncology at UCLA. More Alexandra Drakaki, MD, Ph D Specialty: Clinical Trials, Urologic Oncology Practice Location: Urology, Westwood Adult Assistant Professor in Urology and Hematology/Oncology. Drakaki completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Tufts University, and her Hematology/Oncology fellowship in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard Medical School. Dunn earned his medical degree from Keck School of Medicine of USC.

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Odell Beckham got all sorts of love at UCLA on Thursday after an intense summer workout on the Bruins' intramural fields ...

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Iced coffees are made in a variety of ways, but essentially they come down to two formats.

The Particle Beam Physics Laboratory (PBPL) is a state-of-the-art center for research into beam physics and accelerator technologies.

Relativistic particle beams and the accelerators which produce them have served as cutting edge tools in scientific research for three-quarters of a century.

Improvement of ability to analyze, organize, and critically think about communicative messages while becoming better equipped to articulate ideas. Introduction to fields of mass communication and interpersonal communication. Exploration of topics in greater depth through supplemental readings, papers, or other activities and led by lecture course instructor. Limited to students in College Honors and departmental honors programs. Entry-level research for lower division students under guidance of faculty mentor.

Study of modes, media, and effects of mass communication, interpersonal processes, and communication theory. Discussion of and critical thinking about topics of current intellectual importance, taught by faculty members in their areas of expertise and illuminating many paths of discovery at UCLA. (Same as German M70.) Theoretical and methodological issues surrounding origin of language. Readings and discussions designed to introduce students to current research in discipline. May be applied toward honors credit for eligible students. Designed as adjunct to lower division lecture course. Students must be in good academic standing and enrolled in minimum of 12 units (excluding this course).

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