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It would be years before the New York indie rockers were playing on television and packing arenas, earning Grammy nominations and topping critics' lists, but the two felt an immediate musical kinship.It's a testament to their chemistry that Berninger and Knopf continued to feed that folder over the years with ideas.The set, designed by Justin Hooper from afar (Hooper relocated to Nebraska after three years as Pioneer Place's technical director and subsequently designed this production with the aid of modern technology by way of Skype), is anchored by two bookshelves, great inverted pyramids lined with dozens upon dozens of empty booze bottles, pages of manuscripts and faux-Tiffany lamps.Eagle-eyed audience members will spy even more bottles hidden in strange places around the set, like a wine bottle tucked in with the firewood.But the question we ponder is, why wouldn't these women feel confident if they already do have the “perfect” bodies?Although the show is made to showcase the lingerie collection and to sell the product, most of the outfits exhibited on the runway are extremely over the top and will not even be available for sale on store shelves.However, even the presence of Pitbull - the unthinking person's shouty rap twerp of choice - can't dent this, ah, club banger.Even Pitbull's rap section - which begins with him shouting as if he has turned to some disinterested girl nearby, nudged her in the ribs and proudly pointed up at the unimpressed fella behind the decks - even THAT can't make this fail.

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If it wasn't for the fact that you're clearly good at what you do, together with the fact that the world will never tire of dancing to strutting, pumping songs about watching sexy girls dance to strutting, pumping songs, I'd be tempted to suggest you're in a bit of a rut.

In Albee's three-act masterpiece, the older couple pull a pair of 30-somethings into their devastating game, intent on abusing and discarding Nick (Nicholas Leeman) and his wife, Honey (Melanie Wehrmacher), flattening them on their path to "total war." George and Martha harbor dark secrets from both their past and their present, and the play serves to reveal all, peeling back the illusions layer by painful layer and dragging their guests down with them.

Pioneer Place Theatre Company's production, led by director Lee Adams, sets the action of the play in a home that is a veritable graveyard of the life lived by George and Martha.

It has the distinct meaty thrust of a Kelly Clarkson super-normo-ballad, but reduced to a dull roar, as if trying to be friendly.

As is often the way with these things, there's a breakdown section where she sings the chorus - which owes more than a little to 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' by Starship - quietly over some gently strummed guitars.

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