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The reason was there were limited accommodations available on the Illinois frontier so there was no other choice available. Speed told Lincoln to wait a moment while he wrote him a letter of introduction to a young lady.Then he sent Lincoln off with directions on how to approach her.The fact that he alienated Katie Holmes doesn't negate that when she was in high school, she and every other teen girl in Christendom wanted a piece of him. Bruce Willis Women want him, men want to be him, etc. That's probably how he managed to secure 's Sexiest Man Alive award while sporting the doofiest haircut in the annals of film villainy. Richard Roundtree Emerging from the beige eroticism of the '70s, Richard Roundtree was a black-as-hell sexual pioneer, instantly iconic as a sex machine to all the chicks. Alain Delon Just being French generally makes you sexier than most people, but Alain Delon's sly and seductive performance in , as the sexually ambivalent Tom Ripley, propelled him into a new realm of lust. Take it from Robert Wagner, who slept with Joan Collins, Joan Crawford, Natalie Wood, Anita Ekberg, Barbara Stanwyck, and Elizabeth Taylor. Keanu Reeves When you don't trouble yourself with his didn't-know-he-was-being-filmed approach to acting, you will remember that Keanu Reeves was the wet dream of the '90s, in .

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”When she told him five dollars Lincoln responded that her priced seemed fair, but all he had with him was three dollars.

Several authors have hinted that Lincoln may have been a closet homosexual. Several years after the publication of his book one of his co-authors The most damning evidence used to tag Lincoln a homosexual is the fact that at several points in his lifetime he shared his bed with other men.

The book purports to detail Lincoln’s affair with an army Captain among several others.

She offered to trust him for the other two dollars, but Lincoln told her he didn’t want to feel indebted so he got dressed and left.

“When my parents were getting their portraits taken, the photographer had an idea.

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