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There was a camaraderie amongst the local bands as new ones were formed or reformed from the remnants of other groups and the changing tastes in music throughout this time inspired and influenced us all.After so many years, it is great for me to have set up these pages and made contact with several old pals from that time as the internet provides a great chance to check out the most obscure people and places.

In 1944, he formed his own business trading accordians and other musical instruments.

These are my pages dedicated to the wonderful classic valve guitar amps known as HIWATTs - the product of the design genius of the late Dave Reeves.

Dave Reeves worked at Mullard during the day, but in the evenings he worked in a tiny shop in Kingston, where he repaired hifi sets and televisions as well as musical instrument amplifiers.

It was here he conceived the idea for a unique, sturdy and reliable line of amplifiers.

Here Reeves started creating his Hiwatt designs, which were never just "me too" copies of existing popular amps, but completely original and different.

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