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Front view with chest in open position (front lid stowed beneath bottom drawer) Front view showing close-up of center lock with right or left hand front catch showing in same picture. View showing side handle or top handle View showing entire end (left or right side) of chest. Front view showing close-up picture of Gerstner Nametag (if missing still take picture) located on the center of the bottom drawer.Write down all information that is stamped or lettered on the inside bottom of the tool chest.

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They come in different styles, colors, sizes, and shapes; and they are made of wood, plastic, metal, or has no hardware minus the drawer handles and back hinges.its a 7 drawer black leatherette with eagle lock from terryville, ct and resembles the look of te late 40's early 50's leatherette types but certain cosmetics are throwing me off.first off the lock is the older style lock without the latch, the mirror frame is wooden? , rubber stops on all the backs of the drawers possible custom? ps: how hard would finding original hardware in any condition be?, on the top of the box the corner nickel plated brackets are more triangular "arrow tipped" like the bottom of the box, and lastly theres a small wooden step built into the inside of the box at approx same heihjt as the bottom drawer. thanks Danny I have a leather covered Gerstner tool chest just like it except the mirror in the lid is still present.

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