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Sometimes the emails have come from the Christian involved in the relationship, but other times from the non-Christian.

I have posted a few of these on the Web site (see Ethics, Spirituality, and Christian Life: Dating).

My guess is that he had another overdose; the code said they’d had to perform advanced life support. But for six years, I supported him financially and emotionally while he made and broke promises to stop drinking and using drugs.I was afraid he was dead, or that he’d abandoned me.When he reappeared a couple days later, I felt an enormous sense of relief. There was a new scar across the bridge of his nose. When he attended meetings, I’d go with him and sit by his side, holding his hand.In exchange, I was taught, men were the breadwinners and protectors. After the meeting ended, we hung out in Washington Square Park, and he told me the stories behind all his scars.Women put their romantic partners and their families before themselves; men called the shots. Mark was attractive, self-educated, and charismatic. Dating someone “in the rooms” made me feel safe and protected.

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