Old christian dating

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And, as a scientist, the arguments for an ancient earth seem to be very compelling (needless to say, when it comes to Darwinian evolution, it is a very different story).

In this article, however, I simply want to read and understand the text on its own terms, not missing what the text is saying; but, at the same time, not adding to it what simply isn’t there.

If the New Testament is the story of a Man, then the Old Testament is the story of a people.

If the New Testament is personal and intimate, then the Old Testament is communal and expansive. Both are majestic and eternal, yet also commonplace and temporal.

While differences in biblical interpretation or in calculation methodology can produce some differences in the creation date, most results fall relatively close to one of these two dominant models.

The primary reason for the disparity seems to lie in which underlying Biblical text is chosen (roughly 5500 BC based on the Greek Septuagint text, about 3750 BC based on the Hebrew Masoretic text).

The diversity of views on Genesis, even among the most learned of exegetes and scholars, is staggering.

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But the reach and relevance of the Old Testament, its importance and significance, far exceed these already substantial achievements.

On the eternal plane, that is the infinite and forever, the Old Testament is nothing less than a formal introduction to God himself.

In other words, the Old Testament is as relevant as today's newspaper.

The question of the meaning and proper interpretation of the early chapters of Genesis is one of the most heated subjects in Christendom today.

Few other topics have evoked such polarised opinion and division.

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