Dating trans admiral

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The chaser is first and foremost hungry for your trans body.He'll humor your interests for a while, but before long the conversation will inevitably turn (and return, repeatedly) to your .

But the spokesman added: "We are clear that all LGBT members of our armed forces play a vital role in keeping our nation safe."We will continue to welcome people from a diverse range of backgrounds, including transgender personnel."The Mo D said it was unable to confirm how many transgender people served in the UK military.THE HEAD OF the US Coast Guard said he would not “break faith” with transgender personnel, after President Donald Trump said they would be banned from the military.In a series of three tweets last week, Trump upended an Obama-era policy of more than a year that allowed transgender troops to serve openly.Now they’ve surpassed themselves, with a character called Rear Admiral Alex Burton, who is apparently Commander UK Maritime Forces. He seems to have modelled himself on David Brent, from The Office: ‘I suppose I’ve created an atmosphere where I’m a friend first and a boss second. He tweeted: ‘As an @Royal Navy_LGBT champion and senior warfighter I am so glad we are not going this way.’Senior warfighter? His job description sounds like an advert from the Guardian. .’ given that most of our warships are about as reliable as Del Boy’s Reliant Regal van.Probably an entertainer third.’Rear Admiral Burton advertises himself on his Twitter feed as a ‘Husband, Father, Warrior, Sailor . .’He might just as well have added: ‘Actress, Model, Whatever . .’I only became aware of him yesterday, when he waded into the squabble over Donald Trump banning transgender people from joining the U. ‘The Royal Navy wishes to hire an LGBT champion and senior warfighter. We especially welcome applications from the trans community, which is currently under-represented.’Rear Admiral Burton’s official photograph makes him look like one of those gay Dutch policemen played by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. What we’ve got here is life imitating if not art, then certainly classic BBC comedy.

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