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Numerous works on jewellery originating from Ancient Egypt are conveniently cited in studies by Lucas (1929, re-edited 1962), Ogden (1982; 2000) and Andrews (1990).

However, relatively little work is available combining elemental analysis with technological study; the principal exceptions are Lucas (1962) and Schorsch (1995) on jewellery from the burial of Wah, and Lilyquist (2003) on jewellery from the burial of the foreign wives of Thutmose III, while others are cited by Schorsch (2001).

In addition, the elementary compositions of alloys and solder joints were investigated using air-path X-ray fluorescence (XRF), proton-induced X-ray analysis (micro-PIXE), and energy-dispersive X-ray analysis (SEM-EDS).

This preliminary study provides information about the evolution of alloy composition and the use of alluvial gold, and illustrates the Ancient Egyptian goldsmiths’ skills in working with wires, granulation and joining techniques. Les objets ont été observés sous microscopie optique, par radiographie de rayons-X et par microscopie électronique à balayage en mode électron secondaire (MEB-SE).

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