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In our complicated world, any simplification of the events around us is welcome and, in fact, almost necessary.

We need to feel our place in history; it helps in our constant search for self-identity.

What if a computer program combined the action and graphics of a video game with the emotional power of great art?

The result could revolutionize interactive entertainment—and even change the meaning of “play” From Atlantic Unbound: Interviews: "Beyond Space Invaders" (October 3, 2006) Jonathan Rauch, author of "Sex, Lies, and Video Games," talks about a new generation of innovative and emotionally complex video games.

Michael Mateas is the sort of person who once built an artificially intelligent(ish) robot houseplant that monitored your e-mail and changed shape to reflect the mood of what it read—if that sort of person can be said to be a sort.

This was in 1998, when Mateas was a doctoral student with some avant-garde ideas.

In real life, most of us would cut this guy loose for a while, but they can’t do that with a main character, so we’re stuck with him.

And if we’re stuck with him, we need to see more facets of him, because he doesn’t seem to have any redeeming features at this point.

While the Beatniks are avoiding any signs of culture or intellect, we are struggling to adapt what we have to the essentially nonintellectual function of early parenthood.Not long after building Office Plant #1, however, Mateas set it aside.He became interested in bigger things, like creating a new art form.A native of California and a graduate of Smith College in the class of 1954, Nora Johnson has traveled widely, first through Europe, and after her marriage, through the Middle East.Now living in New York with her husband and small daughter, she is the author of a number of short stories, and her first novel, Ever since Gertrude Stein made her remark about the Lost Generation, every decade has wanted to find a tag, a concise explanation of its own behavior.

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