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While not every company is represented, the sample size is large.She found that 12.42 percent of engineers are women.After the Yes No Maybe Chart is completed, sit down with your partner and go through each other’s answers, particularly discussing the Maybes.Her link was to this pretty confused post by Derek Thompson, which I’m not going to get into except to show this figure he made: This shows earnings, not taking into account education.Most of the data come from mid-October, but she continues to receive more information to better inform the work.“I suspect that the true percentage of women in engineering roles is slightly lower than the spreadsheet shows, as I’ve encountered more all-male teams than probable if the percentage of female engineers were actually 12-plus percent, but the data seems to be in the right ballpark,” Chou said.

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“Every company has some way of hiding or muddling the data on women actually in engineering roles,” she wrote on Medium in 2013.Gail Saltz, says: “If your sex drives are out of balance, your aim is to meet in the middle, having sex a bit more than one partner likes but probably a bit less than the other likes.” So while there may be no one right answer to the question of how often couples should have sex, lately I’ve somewhat been less equivocal and .That’s because I believe that sex ruts are becoming epidemic.What might seem like too much sex to one person may seem like too little to another: (Remember that scene in Annie Hall, in which Woody Allen and Diane Keaton are discussing their sex life, split-screen, with their respective therapists?Asks Woody’s therapist, “How often do you sleep together? Maybe three times a week.” Meanwhile, Diane Keaton’s therapist is asking her the very same question, and she replies, “Constantly.

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