Kinky chatbot woman over 50 and dating

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In our current age of digital on-demand, with hours upon hours of entertainment available at our fingertips, is there still any incentive to go out and see a play or musical? And I don’t really care how technology pushes us forward.Broadway producer Hal Luftig emphatically says "yes! There’s never going to be anything like sitting in a theater with a hundred or a thousand people around you laughing, crying, doing all those emotional things that hopefully good theater will do for you.", Aristotle explained how observing an actor in a tragic play helps purge an audience's emotional toxins.Past research has linked bill color with sperm speed and to the ability to beat off infections.

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Being evolutionarily programmed to mate with brighter-billed males, female ducks “may be able to avoid sexual transmission of pathogenic bacteria and copulate with males whose sperm suffer less bacteria-induced damage.” The fact that bill color is correlated with a sperm advantage isn’t too surprising.

It implies that by seeking out bright-billed males, female ducks are protecting themselves against bacteria-related sexually transmitted diseases.

In her experiment, University of Oslo researcher Melissah Rowe collected semen from ducks (a feat unto itself—the videos in this link are amazing, but watch at your own risk) of various bill colors, and then tested how well the semen killed bacteria such as affects ducks, the scientists know that this bacteria can harm the quality of a human male’s sperm.

And while checking your phone–or even using it to enhance your technique–in the sack is one thing, surely no one but a pervert would ever sleep with a real sexbot, right? A You Gov/Huffington Post survey of 1,000 US adults found that a whopping 9% of them admitted they would have sex with a robot if they could.

That’s almost one out of every 10 people–and those are just the ones who would admit to it.

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